Hello founders! We believe that companies with community at the core will become unicorns and produce outsized returns. You're building them and we want to help you with that because it's going to take a community to make it happen! So, below are 400+ community-driven founder resources to help you succeed on your startup journey. This resource guide is created by and for the community.

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Contributors & supporters: Lolita Taub (The Community Fund), David Spinks (Bevy / CMX), Bailey Richardson (Co-author of "Get Together"), Ryan Hoover (Weekend Fund), Aubrie Pagano (Alpaca Ventures), Niki Thakrar (Include VC), Paige Doherty (Genius Ventures), Josh Schlisserman (Genius Ventures), Erik de Stefanis (GenZ VCs), Meagan Loyst (Lerer Hippeau / GenZ VCs), Allie Kerr (Alpha), Pramod Rao (Threado), Nitysh Agarwal (Dataquest.io), Christopher Laughlin (Courageous Ventures), Selman Kaldiroglu (Pariti), Marjorie Anderson (Community by Association), Sarah Greisdorf (Holdette), Carolyn Bothwell (Freelance Founders), Jessica Feiya Li (Zageno), P Bharat (Masai School), Quinn (Graydin), and so many more

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